Local professional locksmith in Kelvedon

At SDS we have become more than just emergency call out specialists in the Kelvedon region.

Businesses and homeowners alike understand that we are lock security experts, and as such we have helped hundreds of customers to improve the protection around their property.

We are now seen as the go-to locksmith company in the area because of our customer orientated approach and affordable services. This never once affects the quality of the work we provide and it opens up our services to a wider group of people who would typically never be able to afford a locksmith service.

Technology is always changing which means we are always looking at ways to improve and adapt our approach. Thieves and burglars continue to look for weaknesses in security set-ups which means we always have to remain one step ahead of them.

Our locksmith technicians regularly attend training
workshops and seminars to keep up with the latest
developments on the market. In turn, our customers
have access to cutting edge techniques and ideas that
will enhance the security of their home or business.

If you want to find out how we can improve the lock
mechanisms on our property to a modern standard,
call our Kelvedon branch today.

Help us to help you

Let our team in the Kelvedon office know which of the
locks you own below. This will help us to quote quickly
and accurately. If you’re not sure, let us know too, as
we’ll ask some simple questions to find out its brand
and type.

Locksmith in Colchester offering professional expertise

How to identify your type of lock

Sometimes it makes our quoting a lot easier if you are able to identify the type of lock you require repairing or replacing. Below is simply a guide to help you decide. Please do not worry if you are unsure as we can usually determine this over the phone prior to arrival by asking a few simple questions.

  • Mortice sash lock

    Mortice sash lock

  • Screw in rim cylinder lock

    Screw in rim cylinder lock

  • Mortice dead lock

    Mortice dead lock

  • Cylinder lock

    Cylinder lock

  • Oval cylinder lock

    Oval cylinder lock

  • Thumb turn cylinder lock

    Thumb turn cylinder lock

  • Rim cylinder lock

    Rim cylinder lock

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