A multi-service locksmith company in Writtle

We have an unbeatable reputation amongst locksmiths in the Writtle region because of how passionate we are about providing the best service possible.

SDS don’t only assist you with lock-outs from your property. We have the capability to install new locking systems and assist you with repairing any broken locks that are causing you issues.

In our eyes, the customer is always king, which comes through in our focused and tailored approach to each job we take on. You are probably tired of dealing with locksmith firms you only come to do the job for the money and offer no support for issues that may arise at a later date.

That’s not how SDS works in Writtle. We truly believe
in providing customer satisfaction and we can only
achieve that by listening to your concerns and questions.
It’s the cornerstone of our success and we have every
intention to build upon that every day.

Every locksmith we employ understands the need to
respond to your request with the utmost urgency. Once
you call into our Writtle office and we supply you with a
final quote, you can give us the green light and we’ll be
on our way to your door.

Check the locks on your door

Knowing the lock you need help with before we arrive is
always helpful to our locksmiths. The gallery below may
offer some assistance in that regard. If not, our customer
service team can still quickly help out on the phone.

Locksmith in Colchester offering professional expertise

How to identify your type of lock

Sometimes it makes our quoting a lot easier if you are able to identify the type of lock you require repairing or replacing. Below is simply a guide to help you decide. Please do not worry if you are unsure as we can usually determine this over the phone prior to arrival by asking a few simple questions.

  • Mortice sash lock

    Mortice sash lock

  • Screw in rim cylinder lock

    Screw in rim cylinder lock

  • Mortice dead lock

    Mortice dead lock

  • Cylinder lock

    Cylinder lock

  • Oval cylinder lock

    Oval cylinder lock

  • Thumb turn cylinder lock

    Thumb turn cylinder lock

  • Rim cylinder lock

    Rim cylinder lock

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